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De-escalating the therapist

tips and tools for managing our reactivity

in eft therapy

JAMIE discusses the course

Jame Discusses the Course


Being an EFT therapist is tremendously rewarding, but it is also incredibly challenging. It is impossible to work with couples or families in conflict and not occasionally feel our own reactivity arising. Irritation and anger; judgment of one partner in the couple; worry and fear about what might happen if we aren't able to help the couple... We can get lost in our own emotional reactivity and have difficulty finding our balance.

In this online course, we will apply some of our EFT skills to our own reactivity. In addition, Jamie will draw upon other meditative and spiritual traditions to offer approaches for balancing ourselves and restoring our empathy, our compassion, and our ability to act on behalf of the couple's bond. 

There will be rich opportunities to practice these skills individually as well as in dyads and small groups. There will also be group discussion time as well as some didactic teaching.

The thoughtful and mindful practice of EFT has the potential to grow our compassion, and to make us less reactive and more flexible in relationships, both in and out of work. Join Jamie to explore ways to grow as a human being while helping couples and famiilies on their path to secure and lasting bonds.

Course Description

Dates and Cost

When: Friday, 8/27 and Saturday 8/28/21

Time: Friday 3 - 6:15 pm; Saturday 2 - 5:15 pm

Cost: $175

I am currently applying for 6 CEUs for this course. If approved, there will be an additional charge of $40 for those who wish to get CEUs. 

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