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EFCT Fundamentals

a deliberate practice experience

The experience

When learning EFT, it helps enormously to have regular opportunities to think about and practice basic EFT skills. Mastery requires procedural memory, and procedural memory requires practice! This five-month experience will use Deliberate Practice principles to enhance your EFT skills. 

Each month you will receive:

1. A prerecorded teaching video on the skill of the month;

2. A two-hour group experience to practice your skills;

3. A 50-minute individual consultation session with Jamie to fine-tune and individualize the learning.


The intention is safe, fun exploration!

EFCT Fundamentals is ideal for those who have taken an Externship, or who are currently in or recently completed Core Skills. The Externship is a prerequisite to participate in EFCT Fundamentals.

Course Description


Group Meeting: 1 pm - 3 pm PT one Friday a month

Group Meeting Dates: 4/21, 5/19, 6/16, 7/21, 9/15


Individual Consultations: To be scheduled with Jamie


Cost: $1,500 or 5 monthly payments of $325

Course Logistics
Please note: No payment is needed to express your desire to join the group.
depending on interest, there may be a lottery to determine who will be able to participate.

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EFCT FUNDAMENTALS and deliberate practice

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efct fundamentals

Jame Discusses the Course
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